2013 Ferrari F138


Ferrari Formula 1 racing teams does not change,  Introduced a new tool to show off the tracks in 2013.Alonso and Massa will race carsManufactured for Ferrari’s 59th Formula 1 the car.Ferrari F138’de 8; cylinder represents the number of  13 highlights of the year 2013.
Shell technical partnership with Formula 1 racing for over 60 years the Scuderia Ferrari’s new Formula 1 single-seater vehicle “F138”, was introduced in Maranello, Italy.
Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari and Shell F138 perform on the result of months of work he hopes to win the title of world champion for the third time, he said.
Motorsports enthusiasts eagerly anticipated and the 2013 Formula 1 season, Scuderia Ferrari Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa will use the new tool “F138” was introduced for the first time an international group of journalists crowded.
The event, including Luca di Montezemolo (Ferrari Chairman), Stefano Domenicali (Scuderia Ferrari Team Manager), Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa attended, including guests.Last season, the Drivers ‘Championship (Drivers’ Championship), the victory of Alonso narrowly missed his this season, and Ferrari’s technical partner, Shell and Ferrari F138 Scuderia realized over the world for the third time as a result of months of worksaid he hoped to win the title of champion.


F138, specially produced to take part in Formula 1 racing car the distinction of being 59th.The tool is called a combination of current year and the number of cylinders the car. A manufacturer, to be used in this way V8 engine 2013 makes reference to the eighth and last time.Cars, which is almost the same as last year, in accordance with the specifications of all the technical and athletic built.For this reason, F138, in terms of the basic design principle be regarded as an improved version of F2012’nin, but every piece of the car, was sold to maximize performance.Fore the features of last season with the durability of the vehicle has been maintained.


Shell and Ferrari partnership, 500 race has left behind.The partnership between the two brands, Shell Enzo Ferrari since 1929 continues to provide fuel and lubricants.Shell and Ferrari’s first Formula 1 race in 1950 and last season, also took part in the 500th technical partnerships celebrated race.The technical partnership with Shell, to increase the overall performance of the engine life improvement and at the same time in order to reduce fuel consumption, fuel and lube oil developments in the fields provided.


Scuderia Ferrari team manager Stefano Domenicali in relation to cooperation, “since the beginning of the Shell Ferrari would like to thank our partner supporting the long-term. Shell offered us more horsepower and wanted more for years to come, “he said.Shell Global Sponsorship Manager of the new vehicle in respect of Richard Bracewell, said:”Cars looks fabulous and look forward to seeing the performance of the track.Shell, F138 fuel and lubricants for high-performance every step of the development process is very close cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari did.What will the team are very excited about the upcoming season.

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