2014 Infiniti Q50


Infiniti Q50 sport sedan model, depending on the preferences of the driver of the vehicle and the driver offers the possibility of personalization by allowing a perfect synchronization.

Driver settings, and provides easy access to the different driving characteristics and a new generation of smart connection system i-Key Infiniti InTouch ™ dual-touch screen, offers functional and comfortable travel.
Infiniti Q50 sporty sedan, which will guide the brand to new heights, “enables me to my car” concept beyond the borders Premium standards.
Infiniti’s “Q” with the name of the first model, the Q50 front of the driver when the vehicle enters the meet with the name, but also one of two touch-screen can display pictures from friends and family.


i-Key feature of the driver that.

i-Key feature allowing the driving position of each driver, heating and cooling, audio, navigation and telematics automatically activates the preset settings. For example, the only mode up to 96 personalized settings are optional. Settings through innovative dual touch screens provided an easy way to or replacement.

Powered by Infiniti’s advanced i-Key system, each memory unit, hiding the individual settings for two different drivers. Automatically saved and can be removed easily updated user information through touch screens. This memory system privatization of personal profiles, also includes the installation of up to 16 photo.

Memory functions countries and Q50 models show a difference between the motor and gears, the new “Infiniti Drive Mode Selector” is for all models. Selectively actuated by a button on the center console, between Standard, Sport, Eco, including Profit and personal performance options are offered.


Personal choice, depending on your country and model, in addition to the driver changes engine and transmission, Electronic Power Steering (ster-by-wire) directly driving vehicles with Adaptive Drive system, such as the weight and type of reaction can choose their ideal in the sense of performance is defined as a custom setting. Infiniti Q50, drive the vehicle away from problems to improve and remember to keep the preferences of each drive. This system is a simple open / close control options while the drive up to the level of electronic intervention is required, the settings can be stored on the same drive again when the steering wheel automatically switches to these settings.


Safety shield is automatically activated

No matter who is using the car, Q50’nin innovative Safety Shield navigation between menus without the need for any button press or a perfect way to drive automatic is ready. Among the features of this protective shield, the front vehicle speed / distance, so far the most advanced sensor technology to respond to “Front Collision Warning System” is preferred.

Many of the other systems can be customized by the driver and traveling, “Rear Collision Intervention”, “Intelligent Brake Assist Plus”, “Side Stability Enhancement”, “Active Trace Control”, “Smart Cruise Control”, “Distance Control Assist”, “Long beam Assistant “,” Blind Spot Intervention and Warnings “and” Direct Adaptive Drive “system” Active Ribbon Control “system.


Maximum driving pleasure at the wheel

Q50’nin Infiniti premium quality cabin with modern luxury and technology combines advanced user-oriented. Integrated together using high işçililik each item in the cabinet. Special attention is given to the driver position comfortable cockpit.

Offered the opportunity to drive a large customizable area. Q50’de cab driver comfort features can be customized according to your preferences. The drive wheel is automatically activated each time the preferred features.

Depending on the model driving position (seat, steering column and exterior mirrors position), climate control, navigation routes and options Infiniti InTouch ™ communication, entertainment and information choices for the entire set and stored functions. In addition, screens, language options, colors, photos and short paths can be selected. It also features advanced memory system l/100km or mpg, Fahrenheit or Celsius, analog or digital clock preference recalls.


In Infiniti Touch ™ telematics system that makes life easier

Q50 future in-vehicle connectivity today, the cabinet is being used. Unlike traditional interfaces, Q50, drivers can easily connect them to ensure that life outside the screen with the use of hand gestures provides an intuitive two-touch capacitive screen. Large dual screens, along with the vehicle and the driver of the Infiniti InTouch ™ system is designed to provide a system with no synchronization effort. Transferred to the top of the screen contents and functions, such as navigation maps contain the most frequently used applications. Other contents are transferred to the bottom of the screen. Menus can be customized using the contents easily understood.


The new 2.2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine

Infiniti Q50’s 2.2-liter direct-injection four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, while providing a low CO2 emissions (115 g / km below) on the other hand offers a high power and torque, this feature Infiniti drivers have come to expect dynamic drive to guarantee, as well as Q50 exceed the premium sedan market in Europe, placing the center. Both in the form of 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic transmission developed in accordance with the specific requirements in the Infiniti. The power to 170hp, 400Nm of torque and CO2 emissions of 115g/km with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine under 9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, acceleration and fuel consumption of 4.4 l/100 km offers.

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