2014 model the new Mini Cooper


The new Mini Cooper models benefit from the blessings of technology by the end of 2014

Belonging to the group of the world’s most well-known car brands BMW, MINI Cooper 2014 model, the new model of covered parking aid, automatic accident prevention system, and provide a variety of information HUD (Head-up display) display drivers offer many innovations.


2013 LA Auto Show is said to be held in November 2014 under the model is expected to exhibit a covered Mini Cooper, first on the front console to accommodate a screen with semi-transparent structure.Information in this table to the user via the display, navigation, speed limit, current speed, and other security-related developments provide the vehicle, placed on the area around the camera systems to scan for other vehicles or pedestrians, auto accidents that may occur under the clock speed of 50 Km prevent brake system.Accident prevention system, the early, middle and late stage will have three different elements may be avoided, and thus adversely affect driving said.

It also developed a new feature-based scanning sonar parking assist system, a video-based cruise control and the road traffic situation described in the future with new technologies such as auto-dimming headlights new Mini Cooper in structure is much more user-friendly and safe.

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