ABT Sixth Generation Golf GT

ABT Volkswagen is one of the companies that specializes in modifying patterns, the sixth generation of Golf has introduced a version of the overloaded.
The most noticeable side at the red and black colored aluminum wheels going on. 18 and 19 inch diameter wheels are preferred. Red color front diffuser, side marşbiellerde the more remarkable given and ensuring that the car, which is black.
Volkswagen Golf GTI ABT working on a new front bumper has started to work. Daytime running lights fog lamps placed in the buffer, the last time we started to see a feature in production cars. Which is likely to face drivers with traffic police on the basis of these lights is quite a useful enhancement. He used under the front bumper diffuser improves aerodynamics and appearance. ABT also signed with a new radiator grille has been changed.
Right and left two pieces on the rear exhaust outlets are positioned on top of the car and gives a hint about the power. With the rear bumper diffuser is added to strengthen the car’s aggressive appearance. Glass used on the wing allows the car to benefit from the highest level of force to suppress the wind.
As for the interior still stands out the red detail. There is a further matter of the red color for golf. Used in the first generation Golf GTİ’da red stripe around the front grille replaced over time, leaving a red-colored logo mixed with other versions GTİ’ların blocked. That make reference to it in the red car in their prepared ABT has also included a lot of detail. The interior on the steering wheel, instrument panel, door pockets and red color can be found in many places.
Volkswagen Golf GTI, the road comes standard with the 2.0 TSI engine. The standard version of the engine that produces 210 horsepower thanks to AIT magic touches the capacity to produce 260 horsepower out. I think those who say this is not enough ABT 300 horsepower version of the same engine pushing the boundaries more prepared.
This is also good in a car powerful enough to stop. Brake system with 345 mm diameter discs changed. Of the red-colored brake calipers detail.
In order to make better grip ABT Golf’s center of gravity closer to the ground. In this height-adjustable suspension system (coil over) was preferred. Feature of this system together with the car’s height by changing the stiffness of the shock absorbers can find the best setting for your driving style.
Car tuning companies in the world of golf, which numbered at all times attracted the attention of one of the models. Made on the AIT Golf tuning, this study seems to shake the world.

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