BMW 316i Test

Innovations in the automotive sector and offering every day car companies can do better to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction and targeting users who prefer to enjoy the ride at the same time it preserves, as well as the 1.6 liter engine in the new BMW 316i low tax zone, perfect performance, modern design and high efficiency is changing the rules of the class.

The most popular engine option the new BMW 316i, the BMW brand’s 1.6-liter TwinPower Turbo engine with fully refreshed and the code number F30 316i model came into our lives carpicturesblog I’ve tested it, the car’s BMW 316i article I want to share with readers valued the properties that affect us.

A BMW, as always, the most important feature used the privileged to feel it. If you would like redirecting her full attention to it or not. The driver-oriented designs to the forefront of the new 316, drive, gaining acclaim difficulty with its unique features, the structure of an exhilarating driving position combined with an extremely ambitious. If you are using a BMW Be ready to release your mind: Even if I wanted to bring something different to your mind too does not seem possible.

BMW 316i Exterior Design:

Even today sets the standards in the world is the best-selling premium car brand BMW’s modern and powerful design speaks for itself. The differences between the previous frame and the revised chassis is a tool for the first moment you see more than I thought I got it. A new platform based on the new 3-series (codenamed F30) BMW design makes you feel the difference is in the details.

The new 3-series BMW’s first since the days in which there is quite a striking design. Car front and side is really very elegant, muscular, sports, and a rich stance. Design is very assertive in the most notable part of the exterior design of the car, the front part of the car. headlight brand’s unique structure, wide grille and BMW emblem is noticeable even from far away, when we look at the side profile, the car maintaining a sense coupe excellent proportions, elegant and eye-catching sport side windows with a view. The BMW logo on the back in the middle of the stop group attracts attention.
BMW 316i, Extended, rising lines, giving the car a dynamic character strengthened more than the car visually shows. A significant change in 3 series, BMW’s engineers need to renew heard the front section of the bonnet with bi-xenon headlamps and sporty curves to be noticed on the front which incite people to gaze at the same time. The BMW kidney grilles feel the difference immediately with different people is gathering attention.

Safe structure of the renewed brand’s sporty and elegant character of the stresses. Compact sports sedans, coupé-style sporty and elegant appearance as well as gives lightness. At the same time the modifications in design as an indicator of superior performance and more dynamic silhouette of the model makes it renewed. You will notice that the car has too much detail lines, corners, lines, may round, sudden cuts that prefer it with the user in this situation it does not hesitate to draw the BMW 316i and have other features stand out in its class provides a few steps. One word, delightful.


BMW 316i Interior Design :

With the dynamic characteristics of a car, the BMW 316i with all the details that delight your enjoyment and is designed to make you feel better than you have in yourself is the difference.
The new BMW 3 Series Sedan, interior design, equipped with high-quality materials and premium brand offers the comfort of preferences, driver-focused cabin design. There is a Amid increasing self-control unit. Everything is at your fingertips. Pack a little bit to have a full test tool is admirable interior design.

Quality and elegance in the interior of the test car will be in progress. BMW 316i with a very comfortable journey ergonomic seat, ergonomic body is very good very successful wrap-around front seats are comfortable, the rear seats are quite comfortable with a knee clearance. Three people can ride comfortably in the rear seats and legroom, even for the very tall people can move very easily. In this respect, a very well thought out. Sport steering wheel for non-stop entertainment, music system and cruise control are controlled, depth and height adjustment for the steering wheel is also a one-touch triggered spent many ride quality in terms of.
The car will be tested in each piece is furnished with high-quality materials and premium soft-textured comfort of the brand. The interior is very spacious with a living area, very generous stowage eyes. There is a sufficient number of interior storage compartment, allows to get rid of the hassle of searching a small place to put your belongings. Testing with the colors of our car seats are quite low, while the full visual feast of the front and rear seats to a seating position with a very good structure, body wraps.

Like previous models, the revised BMW 316i, BMW EfficientDynamics package as standard contains a fairly comprehensive. This is the straight-ahead mode for better environmental performance, as well as automatic transmissions, automatic Start / Stop function and the driving experience switch (standard) enabled ECO PRO mode includes. In addition, the new BMW 3 Series’ optional package of driver assistance and mobility services which is unique in this segment in ConnectedDrive.

BMW 316i will enjoy all the features of the character contains the driver. 1600 cc engine, engines opponents of this caliber, one of the most ambitious ones. 1600 cc engine at low revs performance of the cars that caught my attention was one of the most. Of course, 8-speed automatic transmission should not forget the positive effect it adds to your driving pleasure. I really like the character of 8-speed automatic transmission work. The engine is very quiet. High speeds are given the presence of a sweet voice. The driver-oriented layout of the cabin. There is a Amid increasing self-control unit. Everything is at your fingertips.


BMW TwinPower Turbo engine is made available from the sub-periods with high torque, traction and dynamic structure termed the extremely ambitious. Enjoyed by filling out the character eye on performance, automatic transmission in the BMW 316i’de 1600 cc petrol engine with BMW TwinPower technology, a new generation of turbocharged, 4350 d / d in the 136 HP of power and 1350 d / d also produces 220 Nm of torque. Equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission, this engine factory according to the car 9.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, extracting the maximum speed of 210 km with the last. 220 Nm torque at low revs and high torque are available from the car to provide a high occurrence of traction.

Without breaking the tradition of the BMW 316i. For a more enjoyable and more dynamic driving performance, low-volume, high-power mentality that remained loyal, and the 1.6-liter TSI engine with 136 hp turbo-charging technology has gained in strength. 316i with 8-speed automatic transmission is much more enjoyable, I would say much more pleasurable. Because it changed its eight-speed automatic gearbox is not possible to feel the speed. For this reason, D mode as a normal acceleration is possible. But sport + position when the gear starts to turn at a higher speed and the speed needle is on the rise continuously.

One of the most curious from those fuel consumption. 5.8 liter 1600 cc petrol engine, the car will be tested as a mixed, urban 7.5 liters, with values ​​of fuel consumption in extra urban 4.8. The car from 0-100 km / h acceleration in 9.2 sec while in progress. During the test I had the factory default values ​​close to the consumer at reasonable levels.

Start / Stop system, the BMW 316i, the main principle of the system logic to stop the vehicle engine is running idle when he warns. Drive in a pending state (for example, when it comes to traffic lights), the vehicle will stop the moment you take your foot brake pedal again to take action with a slight concussion of the engine and gear attached to the vehicle engine to take over and run again, action will be passed through. During this waiting heating air conditioning, music system etc. for the needs of the car’s headlamp is an extra-strength unit is being used. Temperature regulator in order to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and the brake amplifier, automatic vacuum control remain active in stop mode. Require such a slow start / stop traffic drive system that requires the system is activated or disable a button in the main panel can be removed.


Harman / Kardon Sound System .  BMW 316i, good engineering show what they are capable of. When it comes to technology, Harman Kardon sound system with cabin inside the vehicle to the test, sitting in a concert hall, the acoustic conditions inside the vehicle, and in particular taking into account the 16-speaker, harman / kardon 7 pieces on the instrument panel in the front and rear 100 mm midrange speakers installed ALumaprene . BMW F30 Sedan is a Class-DSP amplifier provides a great listening experience for every passenger. With a total power output of 625 watts, harman / kardon Logic 7 surround sound system, fully automatic AuraVox shaped by balancing system. HARMAN, acoustic and parameters evaluated hundreds of times and independently produced, this new in-car audio technology appropriate filters, speaker delay to correct the differences, individual channels sets the optimum volume level.

The specially developed membranes and magnet system speakers with the big sound than usual, increasing the effectiveness of the dynamics and forms. An additional seven 26-mm metal-matrix tweeters two central bass subwoofer under the front seat, complete with two powerful 217 mm front doors, plus a panel of all models have an additional center speaker. Acoustic quite transparent, crystal-clear audio experience and supports speaker grills design your own style of the BMW 3 Series are clever exhibitions. Changed manually by the experts of the acoustic fine-tuning an acoustic setting, high-end speakers, full tone of the interaction potential in the passenger’s seat can enjoy a charming three-dimensional experience.
The only thing I can say, after the information technology, if you have concerns what kind of music you enjoy listening to good music if you Like the BMW 316i ‘in the true sense of the pleasure of listening to live concert hall.
As a result: The new BMW 316i for driving people around me curiously examined the vehicle, and the place where the vehicle intriguing difference I noticed was the prestigious car. Double kidney grille once deemed sufficient, 316i has a beautiful appearance to attract people passing you by allowing you to look once more at the same time very enjoyable driving dynamics, high-tech equipment, with a high level of security and quality workmanship in every aspect, is a car with a unique design I can express myself, and that is an ideal outcome emerged.

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