BMW 320d Luxury Examination

Since 1975, has started to be produced in a special place in the hearts of car lovers to offer driving pleasure, the new BMW 3 Series, the sixth generation and rightly so. BMW brand sales model, which accounts for 30 per cent of the brand’s best-selling is a member of … the perfect blend of luxury, sportiflikle 3-series, Mercedes C with a wide range of engines and a rich range of equipment options and the Audi A4 is a very powerful way out in front. All of the new 3 series with turbocharged engines, which are 8-speed automatic transmission. Sport, Luxury and Modern hardware with plenty of levels and number of sold packages added to the 3-series can be customized with a choice of options.



BMW 320d Luxury Design :

Safe-coded the new F30 3-series, BMW’s latest-generation 5-series (F10) carry a lot in common with. Similarity at the rear of the vehicle is heavily felt in the profile view, is possible to see traces of the 5 series. Fortunately, succeed in creating a detailed preliminary design 3 series its own identity. Just as long as 5 series, 3 series of ridges on the hood, which adds an imposing appearance. Great BMW 3 series is the most characteristic yanı.BMW kidneys extending to the headlight ledge of the Angel Eye headlight has become the signature of the structure have been replaced in this vehicle. Aggressive larger contribution to the image reflects the identity of the BMW headlights during the day. The former is shorter than 6 cm in length extending Mercedes Benz C series become longer than 3.3 cm from the new 3-series, and now more than 480 liters of luggage space, allowing you to take your luggage with you.

BMW 320d Luxury Interior Design :


Also strongly felt in the interior of the BMW 5 series traces. Tested our car Luxury Line offers a classical elegance to the interior hardware level. Currently, the brand of interior design this class better than BMW’s difficult to find. The highest level of quality of the materials used and everything is as it should be ergonomic. The most noticeable part of large screen at the top of the center console. next to the gear lever, called the iDrive control system is controlled by element and much more successful use of the system similar to that used Mercedes Benz. Search for a user-friendly functionality of the system is also extremely good except for the face. Turns which direction you approach when you are returning from a successful navigation directions onto the windscreen head up display reflects through. Harman Kardon sound system, even people with sensitive musical ear pleasing sound quality. The system is able to play music via Bluetooth or USB.



The most important feature of the model from its competitors driving mode button on the shift lever is placed to the left. Sport + mode, which answers to the sharp movements of the accelerator pedal, the vehicle, adjust the steering wheel sharpness by increasing the dynamic stiffness of the suspension depending on the equipment is ready to ride. In this mode, the ESP system of the vehicle by activating a little bit more now allows entertained. Button to resume the fun right in front of the driving mode you must press the ESP OFF button for a few seconds.

When Sport mode Sport +, the slightest deviation from the start, unlike ESP Comfort mode, the car takes on a more relaxed driving character make it fit. Driving modes, Eco Pro mode, which is one of the most attractive, the BMW 3-series goes into the most economical and environmentally friendly. Automatic shift to a higher gear at low revs than the higher gears in order to keep going and the motor vehicle is using a different software. Indicating how much savings that drive the system, giving a more economical way to get the tips.

BMW 320d Luxury Engine :


Here is BMW’s area of ​​expertise! The test vehicle award-winning 2.0-liter unit, developed three series of the current state of each generation took a step closer. 4000 d / d turbocharged engine that produces 184 hp, 1750 d / d is produced from the torque of 380 Nm makes it a dynamic tool 320D. 320d weighing 1.5 tons, 7.4 seconds to 100 km / h to reach a steady 230 km / h top speed can go up.
Power produced by the engine of BMW’s 8-speed automatic transmission with conventional structured sent to the rear axle. Rear-wheel drive, 2.0-liter engine capacity and high consumption values ​​of the classical automatic transmission comes to mind is mentioned, distracting them for the BMW brand.
Through the work efficiency of the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics called the B segment diesel cars fuel yetinebiliyor up. During testing, the consumption value of 5.9 lt/100 miles signatory vehicle, take it hard to reduce this value even outside the city.

BMW 320d Luxury Comfort and Grip :


Premium brands need to be comfortable enough to be able to do, and 3-series. The seats are comfortable, spacious interior, as needed, and a wisp of a sufficient number of items you can put on the eyes. Rear-seat passengers are more comfortable compared to the old 3 series, because their passengers increased legroom. Luxury sports equipment front seat side bolsters alone are not sufficient for driving, so use a more comfortable style, you can select the Sport version is based.


I always stand out with the driving dynamics of the BMW models, and the new 3 series in the tradition intact. The new 3-series segment, which means the best way. Feedback to the driver’s steering and suspension system, very good condition, does a great job all the way. When you return to the ground even in high speed corners damaged asphalt 3-series line you can easily track and continue to show disturbing reactions. Minimum, the car tends to understeer when cornering but it leaves the back slightly, ESP comes into play many users and tool offset slowing down before you know it. Rear part of the ESP off button to press to make fun slipping, 3-series into a complete entertainment tool.

BMW 320d Luxury Safety :

5-star EuroNCAP crash test of a new generation of BMW’s 3-series managed to leave.
Models perfectly preserved body. BMW, similar to the protection and different sized dummies are also repeated in different seating positions. The side barrier crash test three series, all perfectly preserved body of others inside and took maximum points. Repeated side-pole crash test dummy in the chest area of the excellent protection provided by adequate head and was found in the lower part of his belly. 3 series seats rear-end collisions are effective whip perfectly protected against the effects of the model’s neck region.

BMW 320d Luxury – My Ideas :

BMW 3-series, driving pleasure in the premium segment seekers should first look at the model. What Mercedes-Benz C-series, Audi A4, nor how to beat the Volvo S60, this car’s driving dynamics. With this tool really exhilarating return bend! The test tool 2.0-liter diesel engine with a successful rival to the unit does not exist. Featured Steptronic transmission has opened a great deal of catching up with the competitors. Engine and transmission performance of the vehicle because this praise too caught up değerleri.Otomobilin consumption, fuel consumption is very good. Very few burns. These values ​​are manual 1.6 liter diesel C segment cars that easily manages to capture power even when the BMW. The only point of criticism for the insulation of the vehicle. BMW road and engine noise yalıtmış perfect, but plenty of wind noise is heard. 3 series of the wind noise is caused by a design problem is resolved, the segment may be the quietest, but right now there are more competitors in the quiet!

BMW 320d Luxury Technical Specifications :

Engine: 2.0
Engine Displacement: 1995 cc
Number of cylinders: 4
Max Power: 184 hp 4000 d / d
Maximum torque: 380 Nm from 1750 to 2750 d / dperformance  0-100 km / h Acceleration 7.4 s 
Maximum Speed: 230 km / h
Brakes  Front: Disc  Rear: Disc
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Consumption  In city: 5.4 l  Outside the City: 3.9 l  Reputation: 4.4 liters  Test: 5.9 l  CO 2 Emissions 117 g / km
Dimensions  Length: 4624 mm  Width: 1811 mm  Height: 1429 mm  Wheelbase: 2810 mm 
Luggage compartment capacity: 480 liters  Fuel Tank Capacity: 57 liters  Curb Weight: 1505 kg  Tire Size: 205/60 R16

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