Cadillac ATS4 and Detroit 2013

This year, as usual on the morning of the first media day, “North American Car of the Year” awards to the winners. The car Cadillac ATS, Cadillac Ford Fusion and Honda Accord left behind and won the award for the first time. In the category Truck Ram 1500 Mazda CX-5, was the winner in front of the Ford C-Max. 49 motoring journalists, the world’s largest audit firms Deloitte and Touche, the results are evaluated to their use by the votes of the winners be announced at a ceremony on the morning of the first day of NAIAS’ın. I watched the awards ceremony this year, as a proof of the rise of the American automobile industry in recent years were evaluated. I this paper, we want to focus on Cadillac.

Through an interview with the Detroit Show last year, the smallest Cadillac plugging in and around Toronto for a week last November, about 300 kilometers used in different road conditions. ATS, Cadillac’s design language over the last decade developing and maturing can say that the latest and most successful example. Of course, the design alone is not enough. Once upon a time used by older people, soft suspension, big with a flashy luxury cars, luxury German sedanlarına was not easy to create a car that will compete with quality. Drivers of Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart’s “green hell” described as Germany’s legendary Nürburgring circuit has been tested and developed thousands of miles ATS, have benefited from the experience of a top model, the CTS. From the moment you pass the steering wheel as the quality of materials and workmanship of German and Japanese luxury brands vie experience an inner space. By a compact sports car, perhaps due to the limited design space and the back of the back of a narrow understanding karşılıyor.Test opinion that I, 3.6 liter, V6 engine that produces 321 bhp power, the top model of the series of four-wheel drive. Such a powerful engine, the total weight is only 1.646 pounds a car, “married”, the resulting performance and driving pleasure is getting bigger. Especially in the development of ATS BMW 3 Series “inspired”. When the front wheels are placed on the front end of bodywork that hints at a distance.


Compliant engine and six-speed automatic transmission and a series of four-wheel drive system, which is activated when necessary, provide a complete sporty driving pleasure. However, the low-profile run-flat tires and stiff suspension, this pleasure on rough roads a little bit limited. Cadillac, a brand new platform we developed for this model benefited from GM’s European brand Opel Insignia’sından. Adjustable head up display (HUD) with the speed, engine speed, radio station or selected data for navigation as well as reflecting on the windscreen. Ribbon tracking system, seat vibrations warns. Average consumption of mixed urban and highway use, and a little hard was around 13 l/100 km. In short, the CUE (Cadillac-Cadillac user experience user experience), and the (Cadillac’s own words) information and entertainment system, the touch screen tablet PC features, yet have not reached perfection. Ford, Cadillac, especially taking lessons from experienced problems need to be very careful. Produced in the United States since the mid 2012 ATS will be sold in China this year and the near future, probably in Europe. This model is no longer with the Cadillac, a young and dynamic customer base will have much more say.

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