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SATLUB (Saudi TOTAL Lubricants Co Ltd) is a joint venture between TOTAL Middle East FZE and Zahid Group Holding Company Ltd for manufacturing and marketing lubricants & specialty products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SATLUB marks the entry of TOTAL in the largest lubricants market in the Arabian Peninsula.

We offer products such as Engine oils, Hydraulic oils, Gear oils, Transmission Fluids, Turbine oils and Specialty oils. Our flagship brand is “Quartz” for passenger cars.

Saudi Total Lubricants Company Limited (SALTUB) has a large lubricants mixing and filling plant at the Industrial Valley in King Abdullah Economic City, which was built on an area of 65 thousand square meters with an annual capacity of 25 thousand metric tons of highly stranded products.


TOTAL QUARTZ ranges of engine lubricants are designed based on the wide technical expertise and the most developed technology used in racing to provide your engine with optimal lubrication and to ensure that it stays in good condition and operates smoothly, all while:
Protecting it against all the causes of wear by reducing friction and corrosion
Preventing your engine from overheating
Ensuring good cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency
Ensuring that your engine is clean by preventing the deposit of various impurities.

Some lubricants in the total quartz range go further than this, helping you to:
Save on fuel consumption
Protect the post-treatment systems fitted to the most recent engine systems.

The TOTAL QUARTZ range meets all of the above requirements and helps optimize the operation of your engine

The TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 range is composed of lubricants using synthetic technology. The use of chemical ingredients for these formulation allows to improve thermal stability in particular (when cold during engine start-up and when hot during intensive use), but also a greater lifespan for the oil and preservation of its properties over time.

TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 and TOTAL QUARTZ INEO are the most modern, innovative and high performance oils available. They are formulated using new-generation synthetic components.


5 reasons for choosing synthetic technology oils:
The highest level of protection for engines: TOTAL QUARTZ synthetic technology oils provide 60% more protection than semi-synthetic or mineral oils
Provide a maximum engine compression ratio, thus delivering optimum power
Generate fuel saving by reducing the amount of friction inside the engine. Fuel consumption decreases without users having to change their driving habits!
Make engine starts easier, even in extreme weather conditions.
The only engine oils capable of simultaneously protection engines and pollution control systems against wear and deposits, while eliminating the need to prematurely replace expensive components.

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