McLaren today unveils a new car

Respectively, a day after the British team’s new car launch of the Ferrari and Force India on Saturday, Sauber, Red Bull on Sunday, Monday in the Mercedes, Toro Rosso will download the new instruments cover.McLaren technology held at the same time also be broadcast live on the team’s Youtube channel.

Many of its competitors in last year’s MP4-27’√ľn nose design with a lower level and the first races of the season the team had been contributory to the leader in the struggle for the championship.This design Spain after GP, to maximize the flow of air under the chassis, the chassis as much as possible without modification of the exchanged pulling up. This year’s car, the production of downforce to provide greater air flow can be stepped nose design, implement logic.McLaren F1 this season in the past, marks the longest period ending his class without a champion aims to reach a happy ending. The team did not see the face of the championship standings since 1998 marks 14 seasons.

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