Mercedes Benz-Magic Body Control system


Major automotive company based in Germany, Mercedes-Benz, prepared with high technology tools continue to improve.Passenger safety, entertainment, and the latest addition to automated systems on the S-Class models, “Magic Body Control” from the point of comfort by using a system that can expose the company results for the top level, this is the latest technology in a promotional video was released on the functioning of the system.

Placed on the vehicle with the help of two stereo camera and special software, or other obstacles in a very detailed way the scan can detect pits Magic Body Control system, an active real-time system adjusts the suspension occurred as a result of this process and as a result can be achieved fairly stable and comfortable ride.Video clearly shows the difference on the system is turned off and the Mercedes Benz S-Class model is now out of the system not only offers consumers.

Besides the famous automobile company Magic Body Control promotional video advertising the same time the most interesting films of recent times for this system was published in one of the cases.

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