Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507


Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, C63 6.3lt V8 AMG engine, 507 horsepower, and was promoted to the “507 Edition” model emerged. C63 Edition 507, the standard C63 from producing 50 hp more power. 5.200rpm in this vehicle with a torque of 610N, pushes the boundaries, designed for ambitious sports car drivers.


Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507, from 0 to 100 km in 4.2 seconds. Speed ​​280km / h electronically limited to. Those who choose this sports car, the AMG Driving Academy also qualify to receive driving training.  In terms of the technology used in the C63 AMG Edition 507, have some common features with the SLS AMG. Which gave it more than 3 kg lightweight forged pistons, lightweight crankshaft and crankshaft are some of them.


Remarkably, the impressive design of the bonnet, the Mercedes C63 Black series has been designed with inspiration. The air ducts on the hood, the engine is taken out of the heat, while aesthetically C63 AMG Edition 507 ‘provides a very different kind of sport.



Front 235 35 R19, rear 255 30 R19 tires, the road clinging to the dimensions used by Mercedes – Benz C63 Edition 507, the AMG high-performance brake system that’s holding great power. Thanks to the system within the composite brake discs, more resistance against bending is obtained, and stopping moments start grips can be reduced.

Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-image Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-1024px Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507

Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-Engine Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-interior-2 Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-interior

Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-Interior-Doors Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-Pointer Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-Pointer-0-to-100

Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-image-2 Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-image-3 Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-1280px

Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-1440px Mercedes-C63-AMG-Edition-507-Whells

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    Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507 my car

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    Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507 best car ever.

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