New BMW i3

BMW i3-boss

German brand, the i3 and i8 2020 until the beginning of electric current with a step more forward moving targets

Chairman of BMW’s Board of Directors Reithofer said in a statement; The production of plug-in vehicles will rise until 2018 stated; The electric vehicle production target of 100 thousand years later, though the dominant cause again this edition also expressed that carry them to their destination. In addition, “We aim to reduce the radiated emission level environment with both plug-in electric vehicles,” he said.

BMW i3

BMW, he continued to work on the emission values ​​also emphasized Reithofer, “customer demand for electric vehicles. Us because we think will shape the future of the 0-emission vehicles we accelerated our work in this direction,” he added.

BMW i3-china

Europe and the United States is more than the demand for the BMW i3, the German brand has pushed to increase the production of electric vehicles by 2020. BMW Chairman Nobert Reithofer, the company noted that each year up to 2020 aims to produce 100,000 electric vehicles.

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