Nissan from electric racing car can reach the speed of 300Km/hour

Nissan, held in France Le Mans 24-hour race next year with an electric RC car racing ZEOD attend.

Leaf on the roads for a long time that the company may use the same battery model racing car, reaching the speed of 300 km per hour will not compromise on performance.

Name ZEOD ‘s expansion : On Demand Zero Emission Racing Car with the emphasis on the value of zero emissions, so as to have an electric car, the Nissan NISMO means of preparing performance versions developed, the contributions of engineers.Instead of the normal classification of innovative technologies on display in Le Mans racing Automobile Club de l’Ouest’s ‘Garage 56’ to be included in the class with ZEOD Nissan, rather than racing to develop alternative technologies for switching between electric and petrol engines, and is making efforts to adapt them to the road vehicles.

In the meantime, for those who want to remember those who are curious or Nissan’s Leaf electric car on the roads, a joint venture between Nissan and NEC Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC), is compiled by the company,in each of the 4 cell battery pack with a capacity of 48 kWh power module that brought together 24 should be noted.Depending on the frequency of charge as much as 80% of the capacity at the end of a 10-year battery with protecting the Leaf can deliver 110 horsepower and torque of 280nm,2013 EPA 135 kilometers on a full charge can go according to the values​​.

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