Opel Corsa OPC


If the B-class performance hatchback Corsa OPC representative, the “E” code has renewed with the arrival of a new generation.


Competitors from the Polo GTI vs Clio RS Corsa 3-door body only produced a different form of OPC, in this way, the exterior design can seem a bit more aggressive competitors. Overflow out of the rear shoulder line, a narrow angle into the body to reach the C column, 3-door body benefits offered.


Additional air inlet buffer inserted between the front end of the hood still a detail that made the difference that the vehicle is a performance model. The rear section also used in the real sense, not fake a functional diffuser, is seen on the edges of large exhaust with two chromed.


Interior “specifically what the OPC?” He you ask, metal pedal set, the OPC logo gear knob, six flattened steering wheel, RECARO brand seats and has the OPC themed dashboard.

Under the hood is a 1.6-liter turbocharged power unit and 200 hp of power will take place on top of the 6-speed manual transmission will be directed to the front axle, the technical details that are within our Public Information.

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