Red Lamborghini Wallpaper


Red Lamborghini Wallpaper,Best Red Lamborghini Wallpaper,New Lamborghini Wallpaper

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Trion Nemesis power 2000 hp


Super car concept will move a step further Nemesis Trio will be on sale in 2016.


Many people dream of being added as a new super car. Bugatti Veyron Koenigsegg Agera as the door opened by senior league involving cars that Trion Nemesis ambitious than 2000 hp engine produces …


The company called Trion Supercars began in the spring of last year, the new pride of the Nemesis project.


9.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine with an engine power of 2000 hp to the ground with 8-speed automatic transfers chance, new and four-wheel drive system.

0 to 100 km / h and the maximum speed of the model managed 2.8 seconds, reaching 434.5 km / h are explained.

Only the model planned to produce 50 units of the sales price would be $ 1 million speakers in the United States.

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Mazda CX-3


Mazda CX-3’s First Tips Revealed

Los Angeles Auto Show will be held at the world premiere of the Mazda CX-3 first photo was published.

Mazda CX-5 and CX-3 model that has hints of Mazda6 will be on stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Japanese Kodo design philosophy of the manufacturer’s new product, which will have two dynamo in the new year with the Mazda2. Published the first teaser image to look sharp and well situated when plastic items given to the design of the model that highlights the flowing line.

Mazda CX-3 used in the Mazda2 1.5-liter petrol and diesel SKYACTIV engines are expected to be included. 1.5-liter gasoline version 75, HP 90 HP and 115 HP, including that found in three different versions, the diesel side, the ranks of only 150 HP and 220 Nm of torque with SKYACTIV-D engine.

Mazda, will be held on December 19 at the Los Angeles Auto Show as well as the facelifted CX-3 and CX-5 will also remove Mazda6’Y face the day.

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New BMW i3

BMW i3-boss

German brand, the i3 and i8 2020 until the beginning of electric current with a step more forward moving targets

Chairman of BMW’s Board of Directors Reithofer said in a statement; The production of plug-in vehicles will rise until 2018 stated; The electric vehicle production target of 100 thousand years later, though the dominant cause again this edition also expressed that carry them to their destination. In addition, “We aim to reduce the radiated emission level environment with both plug-in electric vehicles,” he said.

BMW i3

BMW, he continued to work on the emission values ​​also emphasized Reithofer, “customer demand for electric vehicles. Us because we think will shape the future of the 0-emission vehicles we accelerated our work in this direction,” he added.

BMW i3-china

Europe and the United States is more than the demand for the BMW i3, the German brand has pushed to increase the production of electric vehicles by 2020. BMW Chairman Nobert Reithofer, the company noted that each year up to 2020 aims to produce 100,000 electric vehicles.

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Dodge Challenger Wallpapers


Dodge Challenger Wallpapers and Dodge Challenger SRT8 Wallpapers set.

Dodge Challenger Wallpapers and Dodge Challenger SRT8 Wallpapers Gallery.

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New Subaru BRZ modified


Brand, one of the world’s most important modifiable Cosworth Subaru – Toyata is the product of collaboration and BRZ, Scion FR-S, GT86 models such as the FA20 coded kits modify the engine was introduced. 200 HP 2.0-liter 4-cylinder boxer engine in it, is going through a two-stage modification. In the first stage gradually increasing the force increased to 230 HP, 325 HP and 380 HP later produces as much power.


The first stage is provided by the engine to breathe better. 10 cm in size sports exhausts, silencers and new manifold in the form of Y is among the first noticeable detail.


Package price of $ 2,800 for the initial development of biçilirk, 2 doubles in development needs to pay a price.

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From games to real life


Volkswagen blockbuster video game ‘Gran Turismo 6’ posed to, 2 seater ‘Vision Gran Turismo GT Roadster’s vehicle a full-scale model was introduced.

Volkswagen blockbuster video game ‘Gran Turismo 6’ created for, 2 seater ‘GT Roadster Vision Gran Turismo’ vehicle a full-scale model, on May 29, Austria’s Wörthersee in ‘GTI Meeting at the fans in front pulled out.

First in 1982 as an event for GT owners GTI Meeting at Wörthersee to organized, since 2006, Volkswagen officially support. Meeting, which began with 100 participants reached 200 thousand now welcomes visitors.


This year, the Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi has also been invited to the event, with a 503-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 engine with twin-turbo Roadster Volkswagen GTI joined Vision Gran Turismo. Activities multiple races in the capsule, visitors can test the vehicle be in the game and was ready to draw the attention of the crowd.

In June 2014 a special PlayStation game ‘Gran Turismo 6 is scheduled to be added with a free update.

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General Motors: Google in the automotive industry can be a serious competitive threat


General Motors: Google in the automotive industry can be a serious competitive threat.

Driverless vehicle technology in the automotive industry in recent years with increasing acceleration and Google , Volvo, Nissan and many other companies in serious work in this area . Driverless cars will not go into widespread use for at least ten years considered, but disagreed General Motors .Mark Reuss said the company’s vice president of Google’s driverless car for the automotive sector may be regarded as a serious competitive threat . Google’s own driverless vehicle Reuss also find quite nice , because it is enough time and money can accomplish important things Google said.Including General Motors , Volvo is a long time for companies like Nissan is developing its own driverless vehicles . However, Google’s position on this issue in the stock company and the first driverless vehicles will mingle in September of city traffic .Driverless car would appeal to the end user according to an analysis becomes it will be after 2025 . Prices will fall between $ 7,000 $ -10,000 with the possibility of having driverless vehicles will be publicly available so that the driverless vehicle traffic in 2035 will be 11 million . In 2050 it is estimated will become a driver of all vehicles .

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Modified BMW M3 wallpaper


Modified BMW M3 wallpaper

3 best BMW M3 wallpaper.

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Ford F-150 vs The Jiangsu Kawei K1


Ford’s been showing off its latest wares at the Beijing Auto Show this week, including an all-new Escort compact, as it touts its recent success in the world’s largest automobile market. Its sales there were up an astonishing 49 percent in 2013, and have risen another 45 percent so far this year.

But while it can’t seem to make enough cars and crossovers to meet demand, Ford doesn’t even try to sell its F-150 pickup in China, despite the fact that unofficial gray market importers sell some versions of the popular truck for upwards of $160,000.


Apparently sensing an opportunity in the market, a Chinese brand has stepped in to satisfy the demand for “Built Ford Tough” style at a tenth of the price, just $16,000, according to Car News China.

The Jiangsu Kawei K1, also on display at the auto show, features an admitted cribbing of the F-150’s design, including its distinctive headlight shape, wheel arches, bumper insert and tailgate, plus fender vents that are clearly inspired by the ones on the Raptor. Inside, it’s a slightly more original, but still manages to steal some of the flavor of the F-150’s cabin.


The situation is very different under the skin, however. The K1 is only available in two-wheel-drive and is powered by either a 140 hp gasoline or 105 hp diesel engine, both designed by Mitsubishi and mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The K1s top speed is just 80 mph.

Over the past decade Chinese automakers have copied the designs of a wide array of vehicles from foreign brands, ranging from the tiny Smart Fortwo to the Hummer H1. Some more successful than others.


This isn’t even the first time an attempt has been made to hijack the F-150. At the 2012 Beijing show, JAC Motors unveiled the F-150-esque 4R3, which has yet to go into production. Instead, the company sells a near carbon copy of the Chevrolet Colorado.

As for the K1, a Ford spokesman tells “we are aware of the Jiangsu Kawei pickup. The F-150’s iconic and famous Built Ford Tough design is an established and important element of Ford’s F-Series, America’s best-selling trucks for 37 years and best-selling vehicles for 32 years. Ford’s legal counsel is investigating how best to address the matter.”

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