Renault Scenic introduced XMOD


Renault Scenic XMOD a crossover was introduced. XMOD, along with a refreshed model was introduced seven-seat Grand Scenic.
Scénic still have the typical body shape of XMOD Scenic MPV, but gained Renault’s new family face of the vehicle at the front of the new Renault Clio and a large coat of arms of a grid similar to that found in front of the rooms.

Increased ride height of the vehicle a new, protective body kit, chrome-plated roof bars, and also added new LED daytime running lights.XMOD also a new, corresponding to the appearance of a solid grip with traction control system Xtend.This system gives the driver the opportunity to change the settings according to the road conditions.
System has three modes:Road, Loose Soil and Expert.The first is the default setting and it works like an ordinary traction control system.Loose ground can control mode is activated, the engine torque and brake control to optimize low-grip surfaces.Assume the Expert mode, the brake system controls the engine torque to the drive.

Luggage capacity 522 liters when the old Scénic, XMOD’s it issued 555 liters.Seats independently and can be folded or taken out.Interior cabin a TFT digital display and multimedia system includes a joystick to control.

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  1. brad murfy says:

    Renault Scenic XMOD I like this car,Renault has done this time.

  2. Renault is best says:

    I love renault style

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