The father of the Breathalyser Tom Jones Parry dead.


Improving the production of electronic meters, which pioneered the mobile alcohol and driving a revolution in the name of security, the Tom Jones Parry, has died aged 77.

Tom Jones Parry, the night of January 14 with friends and family reportedly died in Anglesey while it is in the house. Throughout his life involved in social responsibility projects Parry, was born on March 27, 1935 as the son of a farmer, and grew up in Anglesey. Parry, Canada in 1958 after receiving a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bangor University, received the title of doctor, and returned to England and became a lecturer. In 1964, an electrical engineer, an electronics laboratory, set up in cooperation with Bill Dulcie. Several studies in this laboratory, engineers have developed the world’s first electronic mobile breath analyzers. Breath analyzers, which form the basis of today’s developed a device. Blowing in the UK in 1979, this system works as an electronic method being used by the police. The following year he won the Queen’s Award was started in the marketing of this device in countries other than the United Kingdom. In 1991, his lab Lion disabled Parry, social responsibility projects continued. In this way, breathalyser started to be produced in the world today with more than 3 million drivers in the UK every year, this figure alcohol control while 100,000 of them passing by.This device was developed to measure the level of alcohol in the 1930s, and many thanks to devices that are not successful against the traffic policemen job easier. Because in the past if they are drunk drivers by executing roughly a straight line easily and accurately measure the cops thanks to mobile breathalyser they get a clearer solution.

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