The smallest electric car

Introduced an electric version of the small car Renault Twizy Cargo


Known as the smallest electric car sold in the Cargo version of Renault Twizy is introduced. As the name implies, can be called the standard version of the model was developed to carry the extra load on an electric vehicle, the driver behind the load-bearing part of the name of it was added to achieve.

Concept in the video shows, car shopping can be considered as an individual, rather than commercial Twizy Transport Goods Cargo ‘, the dimensions of 550 x 500 x 950-mm 180-liter capacity, offering car transportation area, as it is used by medium-sized commercial enterprises or similar properties pizza shop manages to be.

Renault Twizy Cargo offers two different versions. 45 Life-called model-horsepower engine with 5 speed gidebilirken 45Km per hour, which is a more powerful version that can go at the speed of the 80Km/hours 17-horsepower engine. Once again, keep in mind that this is entirely electric vehicle, thanks to its compact size brings a solution to the problem of urban park.

Cargo Twizy will be released soon, the price of the road for the moment unknown.

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