They did not stop the Japanese GT86

Toyota this year celebrating its 75th years of age, produced throughout the history of Celica and Supra models AE86 GT86 is the last representative of the brand’s success in the past to revive the various concepts in Tokyo. Is at the forefront of one of the modifications of these concepts and developed by Gazoo GRMN Sports Concept Platinum FR, bumper, diffuser, and redesigned headlights. As a result of this change, the dynamism of a different design wrapped spoiler added to this concept is completed. This vehicle’s front wheels 245/40 R18, Beyond the coast of the 265/35 R18 tires are size. Bars are fully understands role in the vehicle’s cab interior, seats have a four-point seat belts.
Including the steering wheel of a racing car, especially a lot of equipment that is used in this model. Standard 4-cylinder boxer engine with 200 HP added to the compressor and turbo 325 HP rose to power thanks to the 431 Nm of torque, the vehicle can reach. His 6-speed manual gearbox in this model, limited slip rear-wheel drive transfer structure using the limited slip differential, suspension and braking system developed specifically for GT86 again.
The other concept is the Modellista body kit to the fore, while the black ceiling, a bright red body color is very striking. Black stripes and 18-inch wheels, 86 Modellista’s make a rough image. The interior has a red and black color composition. Griffon was developed by TRD TRD 86 not given much information about the vehicle’s performance and lap times that are said to be as good as the supersport compete.
Developed by TOM’s concept, fiber produced fenders, 8-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels, large diffusers and large sleeves and draws attention to the main innovation is the engine under the hood. In this model, the power of 400 HP 5.3 liter 6-cylinder boxer engine has been working in a.
The other concept is the 86xStyle Cb reminiscent of shark fin-shaped body kits, side grills offering a different view of the design is completed.

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